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The Origins of the Lounge

Hrm, Where to begin?

Well, I guess the beginning is a good place. Charles and I struggled (like most people) to quit smoking for YEARS. We were 2 pack a day smokers and nothing worked. We tried Hypnotherapy, Cold turkey, Acupuncture, gum, pills, and patches. Nothing worked. We were living in Washington State when a friend of ours said “Hey, I quit smoking using a vaporizer. You should try it!” I said “A what now?”

So, we went to the Vape shop she worked at. She got me set up with (2) 650mAh Ego batteries and (2) Kanger Evod tanks and some very awesome Hazelnut Tobacco liquid in 24mg. She set Charles up with a 900mAh Ego battery and an 1100 ego battery and 2 Evod tanks with a Tobacco Gold flavor in 24mg. We said we would try it but really had no faith due to our many previous attempts to quit smoking.

Well it worked. I tried to smoke a cigarette a few weeks after starting vaping and it was horrible. Charles never smoked again. Life was great. We had finally quit smoking!

Then my mother became ill and my husband, girls, and I moved to Lake City, Florida to be close to her. We thought “Now where are we going to get our vape gear. There is nothing here!!! We are NOT going back to smoking.”

Charles said “Why don’t YOU open a vape shop?” And I laughed and laughed and then he said “I’m Serious.” And I stopped laughing. I never saw myself owning a business. I was scared. However, Vaping saved my life and was the only thing that helped us quit smoking. I was bound and determined to help everyone I could to do the same.

Would Lake City be ready for a Vape Shop?

Is there even a demand?

Where is this shop going to go?

We pooled together all the money we could find and found a little run down shop that was cheap and needed some tender loving care. We worked day and night from the beginning of November to the beginning of January to make our little shop a presentable place. So we did it. We opened our doors on January 17th 2014 and have been loving it and the community supporting us ever since.

Thank you Lake City for making us the #1 Vape shop in town and beyond! We love you!


Victoria’s Vapor Lounge Team



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