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The Origins of the Lounge

Hrm, Where to begin?

Well, I guess the beginning is a good place. Charles and I struggled (like most people) to quit smoking for YEARS. We were 2 pack a day smokers and nothing worked. We tried Hypnotherapy, Cold turkey, Acupuncture, gum, pills, and patches. Nothing worked. We were living in Washington State when a friend of ours said “Hey, I quit smoking using a vaporizer. You should try it!” I said “A what now?”

So, we went to the Vape shop she worked at. She got me set up with (2) 650mAh Ego batteries and (2) Kanger Evod tanks and some very awesome Hazelnut Tobacco liquid in 24mg. She set Charles up with a 900mAh Ego battery and an 1100 ego battery and 2 Evod tanks with a Tobacco Gold flavor in 24mg. We said we would try it but really had no faith due to our many previous attempts to quit smoking.

Well it worked. I tried to smoke a cigarette a few weeks after starting vaping and it was horrible. Charles never smoked again. Life was great. We had finally quit smoking!

Then my mother became ill and my husband, girls, and I moved to Lake City, Florida to be close to her. We thought “Now where are we going to get our vape gear. There is nothing here!!! We are NOT going back to smoking.”

Charles said “Why don’t YOU open a vape shop?” And I laughed and laughed and then he said “I’m Serious.” And I stopped laughing. I never saw myself owning a business. I was scared. However, Vaping saved my life and was the only thing that helped us quit smoking. I was bound and determined to help everyone I could to do the same.

Would Lake City be ready for a Vape Shop?

Is there even a demand?

Where is this shop going to go?

We pooled together all the money we could find and found a little run down shop that was cheap and needed some tender loving care. We worked day and night from the beginning of November to the beginning of January to make our little shop a presentable place. So we did it. We opened our doors on January 17th 2014 and have been loving it and the community supporting us ever since.

Thank you Lake City for making us the #1 Vape shop in town and beyond! We love you!



Victoria’s Vapor Lounge Team


405838_2525277568413_2100423832_nVictoria is the face of Victoria’s Vapor Lounge. She stays at home most days chained to her desk doing research on the vaping industry, Rules and Regulations, doing the taxes and pretending she is in charge. (Though most regulars know Sylvia runs the show.) She likes to play video games in her rare spare time and (Mostly) enjoys raising 3 (mostly) happy children, 3 very insane dogs, and 1 husband. She LOVES Japan, Japanese culture and is learning the Japanese language in hopes of traveling to Japan one day soon with her VERY TOLERANT husband, Charles. She loves her shop, loves her employees, and most of all loves all the customers she has introduced to an alternative to smoking. She also hopes one day that the FDA will let her say what she really wants to say, but for now will do the best she can with the options she has.


Sylvia is the Manager at Victoria’s Vapor Lounge. She’s kept locked in her office most of the time, and allowed out to interact with people for brief periods. Sylvia moved to Lake City in 2005 from South Florida. She enjoys music, reading, traveling, and playing with her pack of wild dogs. She also loves Halloween. Sylvia quit smoking January 1st, 2014.


Assistant Manager


Fletcher is the Assistant Manager at Victoria’s Vapor Lounge. Unfortunately, she is kept busy most days keeping Sylvia from losing her mind. She does most of the “techy” things around the shop. Fletcher believes if she doesn’t know something, she’ll figure it out. In her spare time she likes to play her guitar, listen to “all” the music and dreams of one day marrying the internet. She grew up in Branford, moved to Lake City, and is now back in Branford. So…she would like to travel and see more of the world. Fletcher smoked her very last cigarette in February of 2014.

Gustavo aka Gus


Hiding in his dungeon, Gustavo is the webmaster of the website. The rest of the team reaches out to him when they have information to share with the community. He is big into Star Wars and dragons. He also plays many video games, so you are likely to catch him playing one of his favorites, such as Minecraft or SWTOR. He is married and has three fur babies that love him very much. Gustavo quit smoking 2006.



Tony is ex-military, and was in the Army for ten years. He also spent a few years in The Guard. He loves cycling, and is known around town as “that bike guy”. He doesn’t even own a car! No, he doesn’t cycle because of a DUI, he actually likes it! Tony also spends his time learning the latest on vaping hardware, and playing video games. Tony quit smoking December 2013.



Brandon is a Florida native, originally from Perry. His Viking forefathers loved to pillage and conquer, but he satisfies those ancient urges by being an avid hunter and gun enthusiast. He’s also a techno-geek that loves vaping and ‘murica. Brandon quit smoking March 15, 2014.

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